Vetiver & Rum Deodorant by Helan Natural (100ml Spray)




The Perfumed Deodorant by Helan uses vegetable substances that prevent the onset of strong odors without altering perspiration and respecting the physiology of sweating. It assures natural, reassuring freshness for the following reasons: 

- it does not alter secretion production;
- it doesn’t alter the bacterial flora;
- it is gas-free and respects the environment. 

Enhanced with the dermo-purifying action of essential oils of Thyme, Nutmeg, Geranium, Mimosa, Lavender and Petitgrain whereas the entrancing fragrance of its bouquet brings out warm, sensual tones that further enhance the action of our scented deodorant. 

A fragrance that leads to energy and the joy of living to gradually give way to spicy hints and exotic tones that let the imagination take flight. This cologne brings out the charm, eventually leaving a smooth trail of warm, sensual scents. Smells of wood that recalls the richness of a life intensely lived, full of charm. Everything is still to be discovered in the bouquet of “Vetiver & Rum” which gives strength and persistence to its perfume and seductive masculinity to the man wearing it


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