Very Sexual Cologne


4.2 oz Eau De Toilette Spray


Very Sexual Cologne

Very Sexual Cologne by Michel Germain, Very sexual for men is a creation by Michel Germain that’s been sweeping the world since 2014. The unassuming packaging offers a huge range of scents that combine to make a truly smooth and seductive selection. The primary scent notes are grapefruit accords, star anise, and cardamom. These pungent scents are mellowed out with middle notes of violet leaves, lavender and juniper berries. Warm amber, spicy black pepper, and musky suede make up the base notes of this intoxicating scent and bring each of the individual smells together into a coherent whole. The bottle itself is a sleek, seductive creation. The shape itself is simple and rounded but graded black and clear colors add a touch of modernity to the packaging. It comes complete with a clear plastic top to keep the fragrance fresh and ready for use. Gold and silver letters contrast nicely with the rest of the bottle and really speak of the richness of the contents within. This is a very aromatic, fresh and warm fragrance perfect for the man on the move. It’s the perfect scent solution for fall, winter, and is just at home in the day as it is in the night. The scent’s longevity is decent, and the smell itself is moderate, meaning those wearing it can go all day without wearing out and without overwhelming others nearby.

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