Spicebomb Fresh Cologne


3 oz Eau De Toilette Spray


Spicebomb Fresh Cologne

Spicebomb Fresh Cologne by Victor & Rolf, Spicebomb fresh is an aromatic and spicy fragrance featuring hints of sweetness, citrus and tobacco . Top notes include fresh pink pepper, grapefruit and pepper. The pink pepper provides a light, rosy scent that is balanced out by the pepper note. The pepper provides a spicy, hot earthiness. The grapefruit blends well with its tangy, tart, light elegance. These notes then fade into the heart, which consists of elemi, lavender and sea salt. The elemi provides an aromatic essence while the lavender adds a clean, green scent. The aroma then melts into a warm base of amber, tobacco and moss. The moss provides an earthy richness while the tobacco adds a warm richness. The amber adds an essence that is cozy and sweet. Spicebomb fresh was launched in 2014 by victor & rolf. Victor & rolf is a fashion house in amsterdam. The founders are rolf snoeren and viktor horsting, who met at the academy of the arts at arnhem. The two studied fashion and eventually began to create their own designs. Their fashion shows are famous for showcasing the artistry and creativity of their designs. Some of their unique pieces have been put on display at world famous art museums. Naturally, the bottle of this cologne is creative and unique with its hand grenade shape.

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