Sexual Cologne




Sexual Cologne

Sexual Cologne by Michel Germain, Many men seek out colognes that will grab the attention of women they meet throughout the course of an evening or even just to impress that one special lady in their life. If you want to accomplish that with gusto, then you need to get sexual by Michel Germain. This fragrance for men contains tops notes of Italian bergamot and Indian basil. You are also going to notice a strong middle of french lavender and Asian sage. Lastly, the heart of this cologne comes courtesy of tonka bean and Indian sandalwood. All of these scents come together to create something strong, powdery and 100 percent intoxicating. The perfumer who made sexual for men and women is Sophia Grojsman. She was born in Belarus, and today, she is the vice president for international flavors and fragrances. She started working at this company in 1966 as a lab assistant. Her talent and nose for exceptional fragrances allowed her to climb through the ranks and become one of the most highly regarded perfumers in the entire world. Numerous perfumes she has created have a consistent theme of rose, but she is not afraid to push the boundaries to see what else can be done. A surefire way to please any woman in your vicinity is to wear this cologne by Michel Germain.

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