Royal Water Cologne




Royal Water Cologne

Royal Water Cologne by Creed, Men and women alike can enjoy the refreshing clean scent offered by royal water by creed. This perfume was first released in 1997, and it has citrusy accords that are definitely going to perk you up. These citruses are found in the very opening of the cologne, and they are infused with peppermint for an extra kick. The heart of the fragrance has basil and juniper berry while the base has ambergris and musk. Creed is one of the most renowned and famous fragrance houses in the entire world. This is due to the fact that the house has been around since 1760, producing high-quality fragrances for royalty. The company has a long history of serving royal houses, beginning with King George iii who commissioned the company to produce scents for the royal family. The company continues serving royalty to this day. In 2006, the company offered a bottle of perfume to Kate Middleton. Perhaps more impressive is the fact that the house has been passed down through the generations, and the sixth generation of the family currently operates the business.

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