Givenchy (purple Box) Cologne




Givenchy (purple Box) Cologne

Givenchy (purple Box) Cologne by Givenchy, Refined, elegant, and inherently masculine, Givenchy pour Homme is a cologne with an unmistakable sense of style. It opens with fresh citrus top notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit, blended with the woody spice of coriander and sweet hints of violet. From there, it progresses into middle notes of cool, dark vetiver and soothing lavender extract, before settling into a strong base of aromatic cedar mixed with deep tones of leathery labdanum. Created by Alberta morillas and ilias irmenidas in 2002, Givenchy pours Homme is one in an abundant line of fragrances from the French fashion house Givenchy. Renowned for its elegance and glamour, the Givenchy sense of style is perhaps best captured in the classic look of Audrey Hepburn, for whom the fashion house designed both film costumes and a personal wardrobe. Their first perfume, launched in 1957, was inspired by the actress. New and modern perfumes are still added to the lineup of this luxurious and active brand. This subtle and sophisticated scent is designed for the true gentleman. Polite and mature, it quietly draws attention without seeming garish or brash. It's spicy and citrusy characteristics make it well-suited for daytime use, while the depth and darkness of its base mean it also shines after sunset.

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