Clive Christian L Cologne


1.7 oz Perfume Spray


Clive Christian L Cologne

Clive Christian L Cologne by Clive Christian, The fragrance connoisseur will surely appreciate Clive Christian l for men. This scent sports a combination of woody, aromatic and spicy accords that are accentuated by fresh, green aromas and a hint of florals. The blend opens with a citrusy essence, thanks to its top notes of grapefruit and petitgrain. The heart follows with a unique floral-wood amalgamation, supplied by the nutty aroma of agarwood along with the classic sweetness of rose. This scent closes with vetiver, atlas cedar, and musk. Additionally, the presence of balsam fir lends a slightly evergreen odor to the woodiness and animal vitality in the base notes. This fragrance is yet another triumph for the British designer, who purchased crown perfumery in 1999 and restored the old perfume house to its former greatness. Its 2001 release of the famous no. 1 scent was one step in that direction, followed by the original collection and private collection releases throughout the early 2000s. Launched in 2014, Clive Christian l for men live up to the luxury, precision, and sophistication that’s characteristic of its brand. It is undeniably masculine and bold, yet still displaying a genteel sensibility that defines any man of impeccable tastes.

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