Clarity On Finding The Right Tailor

As a man of size finding the right fit can be very challenging. Getting acquainted with a local Taylor is the key to always looking on point. Here are few pointers that can help clarify that.


  • Educate Yourself Before Looking for A Tailor

Before speaking with a tailor or a seamstress, you must have a base in the basics of the masculine style. The most difficult for most men to do is to find a few hours to sit and read costumes, shirts, and other men's clothing; However, most men find once they begin to read the material they become captivated.

  • Tailor Recommendations

Be careful here, most men are not selective in choosing their tailor and stay with their current tailoring only because they ignore a better option. Combined with the fact that most men do not understand the right fit, it is possible that a tailor who receives praise only does so because of the loss of his clients.

  • When is the Tailor Satisfied?

There is an answer here; the tailor must not be satisfied until you are satisfied. This does not mean that a tailor always gives you what you want or do not make mistakes.

  • Samples of Tailor's work - Custom Suits and Custom Shirts.

Images, sample pieces, miracles of alteration - you are looking for samples of their work that validate the claims of custom size. If the overall look looks good, spend a few minutes studying the details. The seam look is secure and clean, it's the construction and silhouette you want in your clothes. Be wary of a tailor who has nothing to show or happy customers to refer you.



  1. Do Your Research

Start by asking elegant friends or local male stores. They usually have a better idea than online reviews. But if all your friends are Schlubs and the best male option in town, The Buckle, you can turn to Yelp. Of course, if this is the case, then you may have to leave the city for a good tailor.

  1. Test Them On the Phone

Call and ask if they can shorten a shoulder jacket sleeve. "It's one of the toughest changes," says Jones, "It's a real distinction between a seamster and a tailor."

  1. Visit the Store

Look around. Would you be rude if someone dropped your clothes on the floor? "The best tailors I've worked with also have the cleanest store," says Jones. "It is a sign that they care about the presentation. They are not lazy or neglected."

  1. Check Their work

If the place looks legit enter and ask to see something that they just changed. This may sound difficult, but a good tailor should be proud of his work. See if they leave loose wires or if the finished product is tidy.

  1. Give Them A Test Run

I learned this one in the most difficult way (almost perfect RIP for a vintage Brioni costume). Give them a garment that you do not mind ruining. If they are worth it, they will notice how everything else fits-not just what you asked to be changed. "Impressive tailors are the ones who recommend other changes," "They should take the climb, adjust the shoulders on your shirts where the seam is on your shoulder bone, which helps in the length of the sleeve and move your cufflinks to make your cuffs more comfortable.

Create A Relationship

If they pass all these tests, do not hesitate to come back with more difficult modifications. But pay attention to how your relationship develops. Do they remember your name? Do they remember your style preferences or do they just push what they think is appropriate?

Do you have a tailor you’re happy with? What tips would you give a guy looking for one? Tell us in the comments below.

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